Cex.io extra 10% bonus Staking Marathon for July

Cex.io extra 10% bonus Staking Marathon for July

Cex.io has introduced extra 10% bonus for staking in the month of July 2020, get paid for trading crypto-to-USDT pairs, learn the difference between CEX.​IO Broker, Binance Futures, and BitMEX — check out their weekly digest!

💰 By staking Cosmos, Tezos, NEO, Ontology, and TRON this July, you’ll receive an extra 10% bonus in addition to the usual staking reward*.

How will it work?

For example, the regular estimated annual yield for staking XTZ is 5.8%. In July, your XTZ will make 6.38%.
Let your coins work for you and increase your earnings by literally doing nothing!

Prepare for increased rewards

Buy coins in advance to be ready to participate in July staking offer. Instantly purchase ATOM, XTZ, NEO, ONT, and TRON with your Visa/Mastercard! 💳

For Staking Signup to Cex.io here

Note: CEX.​IO Staking is currently available for non-US customers only.
*Staking reward for July will be distributed in August.

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