Since Tron is still relatively new, there are not a ton of faucets available on the web right now. They do exist however, and many people are benefiting from using these faucets on a consistent basis.

It is important to stay away from those faucets that do not have very good reviews online. Some of them simply are not going to pay out like they say they are, and others have run dry. Since this is the Internet, there are going to be a number of scams out there where people try to take advantage of others. Always do as much research on a Tron cryptocurrency faucet before going ahead and joining.

To claim these coins you need signup to a wallet Address, there are 2 types of wallets to claims these coins

  1. Direct Wallets – Coinpayments it has every coin needed for a faucet
  2. Intermediatory Wallet – Faucetpay, Coinpot, Xapo etc

Here are a few legit Tron Faucets

Faucet NameClaim AmountWithdrawl OptionLink
Konstantinova5000000FpayClick Here
Xfaucet5000000FpayClick Here
Duchycorp5000000FpayClick Here
Keran5000000FpayClick Here
Bagi Coin5000000FpayClick Here
Coin Mg5000000FpayClick Here
Es Faucets5000000Fpay / DpayClick Here
Faucetcrypto5000000Fpay / DpayClick Here
Claim Free Coins5000000FpayClick Here

Note: DPay = Direct Wallet / FPay = Faucet Pay