You are currently viewing Someone Just sent $2.6M Transaction Fee for $130 Ether

Someone Just sent $2.6M Transaction Fee for $130 Ether

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In short:

  • Somebody simply paid a huge number of dollars to move $130 of Ethereum.
  • A mining pool got the $2.6 million as a transaction fee.
  • It appears as though it was a mishap.

UPDATE (5:17 UTC June 11): Around 4:00 UTC Thursday, a similar location has recently conveyed 350 ether with another 10,668 ether – worth $2.6 million – as transaction fees. The Block was mined by the Ethermine pool.

UPDATE (12:29 UTC): Spark Pool says it has frozen the payout to miners in its pool.

About 10:00 UTC Wednesday, an obscure wallet holder sent 0.55 ether (around $133) with a 10,666 ETH transaction fee – presently worth just shy of $2.6 million.

The fee went to Chinese mining group Spark Pool, which prepared the transaction and may distribute the millions to its individuals. A typical transaction fee would almost certainly be up to $0.50 or thereabouts, yet can be physically set higher by a sender on the off chance that they need to push a transaction through more rapidly.

The characters of both the sender and receiver are not yet known. In any case, the sender has an ETH wallet balance worth more than $11 million – much subsequent to burning through $2.6 million in transaction fees. In comparison, the receiver’s wallet is presently vacant, with past assets moved out to different wallets.

Unusually, the sender’s wallet has been conveying transactions consistently in ongoing hours and with joined fees worth not exactly a dollar. Accordingly, it’s conceivable the whale unintentionally turned around the figures for this odd transaction.

“We are further investigating the incident of unusually high tx fee, and you are welcome to provide clues to SparkPool has had the experience of handling similar issues properly. There will be a solution in the end,” SparkPool tweeted.

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