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Zcash Most recent Hard Fork ‘Heartwood’ Makes Mining Private

Security coin Zcash has effectively hard forked in the arranged system update “Heartwood.” With the update, excavators can get coinbase exchanges right to a private address, notwithstanding other new highlights.

The hard fork happened on July 16 at 10:58 UTC at square stature 903,000, as indicated by the Electric Coin Organization (ECC), the revenue driven advancement house behind the venture. An uncontentious hard fork, Heartwood was upheld by both the ECC and Zcash Foundation.

The update incorporates two Zcash Improvement Proposals (ZIPs). The main, “Protected Coinbase” (ZIP 213) brings since quite a while ago looked for security answers for Zcash (ZEC) mining while ZIP 221 “Flyclient” includes support for lightweight customers that confirm exchanges, the ECC said in a Walk blog.

As a hard fork, the updates are in reverse contradictory, which means all hubs must match up to the new programming so as to utilize the Zcash blockchain.

Heartwood is the protection coin’s fourth hard fork since the system propelled in late 2016. Zcash last hard forked in December 2019 with “Blossom.”

“The Zcash Foundation is eager to help the Heartwood Zcash redesign close by the ECC, and excited that clients will before long have the option to interface with the Zcash organize utilizing Zebra, a substitute, agreement good Zcash usage worked by the Foundation,” Zcash Foundation official chief Josh Cincinnati said in an email to CoinDesk.

Private coinbase exchanges

Protected coinbase exchanges permit diggers to guarantee coinbase exchanges – the compensation for handling exchanges – legitimately to Zcash’s protected addresses. Protected addresses muddle data, for example, sums, addresses and the encoded notice field.

Executing private coinbase exchanges has been on the Zcash guide since the task’s initial days. It was made conceivable by before specialized updates found in 2018’s Sapling hard fork, as per the ECC.

“With this component, when a mining pool or solo digger decides to move coinbase rewards, [its] now private. For instance, a mining pool can perform protected payouts to excavators in a protected exchange,” ECC CTO Nathan Wilcox said in an email to CoinDesk.


Flyclient permits clients to check exchanges with the littlest measure of data conceivable. Like Bitcoin Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) hubs, the spec demonstrates the information on an exchange utilizing just the square header, as opposed to the full substance of the square.

The ZIP has a couple of positive ramifications for engineers: It gives simpler access to cross-chain interoperability, for example, with the Ethereum arrange, and gives assurance to light customers. The ECC reported designs to assemble interoperability ventures with the second-biggest blockchain by advertise top, Ethereum, at DevCon 5 this past October.

“At this moment, you need a Zcash full hub to get full security. Our ZIP shields light customers from pernicious servers and pushes towards full security for each wallet,” said ZIP co-creator and Summa organizer James Prestwich in a private message.

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