A Cryptoo.me faucets is a micro wallet site that have many websites which rewards users with small bits of Bitcoin (BTC) for completing simple tasks, such as watching ads or videos or clicking on buttons. It’s the same principle of a Faucetpay or Coinpot faucets, but in thisyou will get paid to Cryptoo.me Website.

To claim the coins from the below websites you will need to signup to a Cryptoo.me Website

!! Signup to Cryptoo.me Website Here !!

By signing up through the Above Link you will get 100 satoshi as Signup Bonus

Below are the Few Legit faucets You can claim Bitcoin Satoshi

Faucet NameClaim AmountTimeLink
Sub BTCUp to 300 Sats15 MinsClick Here
Vrd BestUp to 500 Sats10 MinsClick Here
Ice Cold DiceUp to 1500 Sats500 MinsClick Here
Crypto StashsUp to 100 Sats60 MinsClick Here
Bitcoinz AdarmoUp to 1000 Sats60 MinsClick Here
10 BtcUp to 100 Sats30 MinsClick Here
Bit BangUp to 100 Sats30 MinsClick Here
Binary-BtcUp to 100 Sats60 MinsClick Here
MudawainUp to 30 Sats20 MinsClick Here
BitcoinxUp to 20 Sats60 MinsClick Here
Slut Bits20 Sats360 MinsClick Here
Bitcoin DevUp to 80 Sats60 MinsClick Here
Satoshi ModelUp to 50 Sats15 MinsClick Here

Happy Faucetting all !!

If you want to add your Faucet kindly comment below

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